les Esbelliousses

This is the really first wallpaper which I was enough proud of. It is based on a photography that I made during a trek near the Esbeliousses Pass, near the source of the Var, in 2004.


I’m not a prolix photographer. I put online only some shots with which I’m sufficiently satisfied. Sometimes, I use one of these images as foundation to customize my desk.

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Version 1
Version 1.1 | December 6, 2007
As part of a large storage (which is required), I sort some of my first manipulations. My very first wallpaper is changing its name and is enriched by a second variant.
  • New version that uses a other kind of saturation
  • Now titled les Esbelliousses and not Ubaye 04 as an other project
  • Files are now compressed using .7z
  • Erasing of logo onto the two versions
Version 1.0 | September 4, 2006
Since more than one year, the idea that one of my first experiments could be hosted was forgotten. However, looking at many pages here and there, I think that these first outlines was, neither more ugly, nor more bad than those which I have seen sometimes. So, this is now the return of my very first wallpaper.
  • Submission added to deviantART
Version 1.0 | May 22, 2005
Eleven days after I put my first file available for downloading at customize.org, I received a mail telling me my submission had been deleted ’because it was below the current site standards’. I knew the site was moderated and I’m not troubled about this decision, but even if I like the works of the moderator who wrote me, I must admit I diverge with these comments about my wallpaper which ‘lacks a little vividness colorwise’. I admit that I’m not enthusiast of the colours whose some conceptual images are highlighted that one finds by over there... I’ll see where I can locate such a file in the future.
  • Submission removed from customize.org
Version 1.0 | May 11, 2005
I decided to gradually put online some modest trials I made in the computing field, as wallpapers or icons sets. To begin, this is the really first wallpaper that I was enough proud of, titled, as the default style of the second version of my own site, Ubaye 04.