In order to find a way to represent different types of files in a very simple way, Cardamome is my second attempt with the use of vector paths. Very stripped, these icons represent some of the seventy-eight types of files that can be found on a PC.

Difficult to find the desired object in the meanders of the network? For one entire interface to a handful of icons: here are some links to interesting creative in these small images.

Some early lines of inquiry: here is a list of sites offering multiple selections of complete sets of icons for different systems and with different resolutions.

Firefox 3
Include Package
Item Type Pixel Size Form Octet Size url
Cardamome 1.0 468 files .ico,.icns,.png 16x16,32x32,48x48,256x256 pixels .7z 2.96 Mo icon


Following the experience with my earlier icons, I wanted to see if it was possible to push further the concept of simplicity. The idea is therefore highly stripped almost to the extreme. The palette was chosen based on the dominant colors used by the organisms that have created file formats. Whole, if not completely successful, these icons have a certain homogeneity.


Version 1
Version 1.0 | December 28, 2007
In reality, these icons were drawn at the very beginning of the year 2007, between January and February. I hadn’t yet decided whether I was going to continue the project, so I had nothing online, but I finally decided to stop these seventy-eight icons.