Particularly wearied by icons which often bear a resemblance to each other (according to the fashion: Aqua-like or, for some time, Vista-like) and wishing to harmonize and customize the files types which I generally use, I decided to draw my first icons.

Difficult to find the desired object in the meanders of the network? For one entire interface to a handful of icons: here are some links to interesting creative in these small images.

Some early lines of inquiry: here is a list of sites offering multiple selections of complete sets of icons for different systems and with different resolutions.

Firefox 3
Include Package
Item Type Pixel Size Form Octet Size url
Stoa 1.1 68 files .ico,.icns 16x16,32x32,48x48,128x128 pixels .7z 649.58 Ko icon


My objective was to use alternatives of dissimilar colors according to the format (opened, owner and system), three various sizes according to the kind (image or drawing, document and simple file), and not to need using text to indicate the extension name (illustrations having to be enough). The result seeming very temperate and static, I called it Stoa, in reference to stoical ones (which took their name from a particular gate, which is said in Greek στοά). I really don’t know if I won my bet: I have however used these icons without lassitude until now. After the experiment of this first attempt, I now think of passing to other types of project in this field.


Version 1
Version 1.1 | December 24, 2007
Rediscovering my first attempt to draw icons, I asked myself why I had not planned an alternative for Macintosh users. This small update fixes this oversight...
  • Icons in .icns format for Macintosh users
  • Files are now compressed using .7z
Version 1.0 | January 13, 2007
Started a little more than one year ago, in December 2005, here thirty-four icons which I used during these last months, all created in an original manner in vectorial form.