Ubaye 04

My first modest compilation of icons: the few drafts which I had designed for the basic style of the second version of my site. It acts only of photographic cutting with some added filters.

Difficult to find the desired object in the meanders of the network? For one entire interface to a handful of icons: here are some links to interesting creative in these small images.

Some early lines of inquiry: here is a list of sites offering multiple selections of complete sets of icons for different systems and with different resolutions.

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Item Type Pixel Size Form Octet Size url
Ubaye 04 1.1 42 files .ico,.icns,.png 16x16,32x32,48x48,128x128 pixels .7z 620.98 Ko icon


Version 1
Version 1.1 | December 8, 2007
Under the classification of my material, I update my first package of icons, a simple small assembly designed from photographic images. The new compressed file now includes three files containing these seven icons for the three main systems.
  • Icons in .png format for Linux users
  • Icons in .icns format for Macintosh users
  • Files are now compressed using .7z
Version 1.0 | September 4, 2006
After having put online a first wallpaper resulting from work on the second version of my site, I finally decided to release a file taking again some of the icons used when I designded various style composing the pages.