Drawing icons

Understanding a whole concept when we visualized only a tiny image: drawing icons equates to create visual shortcuts or materialize ideas graphically.

Difficult to find the desired object in the meanders of the network? For one entire interface to a handful of icons: here are some links to interesting creative in these small images.

Some early lines of inquiry: here is a list of sites offering multiple selections of complete sets of icons for different systems and with different resolutions.

Firefox 3

4 icon sets

Cardamome (2007)
In order to find a way to represent different types of files in a very simple way, Cardamome is my second attempt with the use of vector paths. Very stripped, these icons represent some of the seventy-eight types of files that can be found on a PC.
Crystal GUZ (2006-2007)
The Crystal GUZ set can be considered as an addition of the well-known icon set Crystal SVG. It contains icons designed to be used with the archive management soft UltimateZip concepted by Oliver von Schleusen.
Stoa (2007)
Particularly wearied by icons which often bear a resemblance to each other (according to the fashion: Aqua-like or, for some time, Vista-like) and wishing to harmonize and customize the files types which I generally use, I decided to draw my first icons.
Ubaye 04 (2006-2007)
My first modest compilation of icons: the few drafts which I had designed for the basic style of the second version of my site. It acts only of photographic cutting with some added filters.