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It must y have had an error of shunting! It seems the page from where you come indicates a link which is out-of-date. If you do not succeed in finding your way using the menu which is on the top of this page, you can possibly send a message indicating the problem.

Apart from this laboratory, various elements can be found disseminated here and there on the net: screen captures, logos and other different deeds. The links above ressence the last of these elements.

The network abounds in many true treasures for which takes time to excavate it a little. The links above will redirect you towards the last articles which I found more particularly interesting in various computer fields.

Firefox 3

Web site

08 12 12
les moutons électriques, éditeur 5.2.1teaser
Small publishing-house localized in Lyons, les moutons électriques, éditeur (in English “the electric sheep, publisher”) were founded in 2004 by a group composed of writers, translators, graphic designers and others fans of imaginary literatures, as science fiction or fantasy.
In reality, this update doesn’t fundamentally change the site of les moutons électriques, but rather is the sudden consequence of an urgent and obligatory move. Indeed, without apparent reason, the host—whose name must be forgotten—didn’t proceed, as it was planned, to the renewal of the domain name and the site has disappeared suddenly in network’s limbo...
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Desk top

08 02 10
Scorpix 1.0teaser
In 2003, while I still didn’t have a large collection of wallpapers, I was amused to create a large image using the color palette of Mozilla. Five years later, when I searched among various lost files on a disk, I found this old attempt. I wonder about the possibility of adding an excerpt from a recent photo, and some manipulations later...
If I take an old image composed of various coloured spots on which I add a small effect (pixellisation) and a solid background to enhance the color and finally, to raise the total, on which I place a element from a recent shot in a corner: what could be the result? Here is a possibility.
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Icon set

07 12 30
Crystal GUZ 1.1teaser
The Crystal GUZ set can be considered as an addition of the well-known icon set Crystal SVG. It contains icons designed to be used with the archive management soft UltimateZip concepted by Oliver von Schleusen.
One year after an initial appearance online, but much longer after its original design, I propose today a final posting of one of my very first tinkering, with the addition of formats usable by other operating systems.
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