Painting desks

Something discreet, but more sophisticated than a simple photograph, we see every day but we should not get tired too quickly: the delicate exercise of wallpaper.


I’m not a prolix photographer. I put online only some shots with which I’m sufficiently satisfied. Sometimes, I use one of these images as foundation to customize my desk.

Firefox 3

2 desk tops

les Esbelliousses (2005-2007)
This is the really first wallpaper which I was enough proud of. It is based on a photography that I made during a trek near the Esbeliousses Pass, near the source of the Var, in 2004.
Scorpix (2008)
In 2003, while I still didn’t have a large collection of wallpapers, I was amused to create a large image using the color palette of Mozilla. Five years later, when I searched among various lost files on a disk, I found this old attempt. I wonder about the possibility of adding an excerpt from a recent photo, and some manipulations later...