Building sites

The global network can be a space of freedom for everyone. Easier to implement than the old media, these new technologies are able to create new areas of expression and creativity.

Building web sites is a art and this art has its own masters. The links above are part from my own selection of some of the best constructions which use correct coding and original design.

A starting point is needed if you want to begin the construction of a site. The links above are some of my favorites for searching and finding necessary stuff and clear examples.

For those which don’t have any inspiration, some great galleries exhibit many different designs. The links above are pointing toward some of them I often look to see what anybody can do with good codes

Firefox 3

3 web sites

Carnets de bord du capitaine (2003-2007)
A web site entirely devoted to André-François Ruaud, writer, publisher and well-known captain of a Yellow Submarine which never been sing by four boys in the wind nor assembled by any English arsenal.
the GizMecano Laboratory (2003-2008)
This kind of laboratory has been conceived to exhibit different virtual experimentations I made with a computer. Envisaged first for presenting details of tools and materials used in the field of websites creation, this laboratory becomes a genre of window toward my (wished) growing informatic skills, with staging of other types of stuff, as icons or wallpapers.
les moutons électriques, éditeur (2004-2008)
Small publishing-house localized in Lyons, les moutons électriques, éditeur (in English “the electric sheep, publisher”) were founded in 2004 by a group composed of writers, translators, graphic designers and others fans of imaginary literatures, as science fiction or fantasy.