the GizMecano Laboratory

emblem This kind of laboratory has been conceived to exhibit different virtual experimentations I made with a computer. Envisaged first for presenting details of tools and materials used in the field of websites creation, this laboratory becomes a genre of window toward my (wished) growing informatic skills, with staging of other types of stuff, as icons or wallpapers.

Building web sites is a art and this art has its own masters. The links above are part from my own selection of some of the best constructions which use correct coding and original design.

A starting point is needed if you want to begin the construction of a site. The links above are some of my favorites for searching and finding necessary stuff and clear examples.

For those which don’t have any inspiration, some great galleries exhibit many different designs. The links above are pointing toward some of them I often look to see what anybody can do with good codes

Firefox 3


Since I got my first modest computer, a primitive Amstrad, in 1984, and moreover, since I was connected to the net in 1995, with a rustic Mosaic browser, I was wondering if I may possibly put on some of my limited experiences. These empiric pages are a kind of answer.

These pages began to be accumulated, eccentric and unexplained coincidence, on the well-known French date of July 14th, the year was 2003. A second release, which plainly has abandoned table layers and static pages for improved styled and dynamic roots, was on air since the autumn 2004. A third version, resulting from an enhanced experimentation of writing codes, gradually started to appear at the beginning of the year 2006. A fourth version, result of a (better, I hope) reflexion about web composition, began to grow at the end of 2007 to present a more serious face to the world.



Version 4
Version 4.β | February 10, 2008
The first version of the site proved quite functional, changes in the new version are mainly minor improvements rather than corrections. The main work focused on the creation of RSS feeds based on site-specific data, in addition to rework several styles according to the compilation of this data, which is still ongoing.
  • Creating internal RSS feeds
  • Insertion of links to these RSS feeds depending on the type of page
  • Improved styles according to the compilation of data
  • Slight customization of the page dedicated to sites
Version 4.α | December 21, 2007
It was time to think about an alternative a little more serious for this personal showcase. First, I decided to do away with narrow layouts: full use of the window seemed a priority. A clear menu, with more explicit wording, gives a more mature “face”. Finally, a home page further readable, which is geared to the types of information and not to a chronological order, seemed more functional. Not to mention improving the entrenchment of styles or optimizing the coding, the uses of some external scripts finally enriche the content of this site with different elements. Obviously, it was still an α version: it contains only the main structure and some examples of data (the full data of the previous version will be converted gradually). However, I believe that it provides a sufficient overview of the guidance to come to take today the place of the previous one.
Version 1
Version 1.0 | July 14, 2003
Why one more personal website on the net? Since I got my first modest computer, an Amstrad, and moreover, since my last computer was connected with Mosaic to the net, in December 1995, I was wondering if I may possibly put on some of my limited experiences. These confused and empiric pages are a kind of answer. I sincerely expect visitors will find here any interests.