Carnets de bord du capitaine

emblem A web site entirely devoted to André-François Ruaud, writer, publisher and well-known captain of a Yellow Submarine which never been sing by four boys in the wind nor assembled by any English arsenal.

Building web sites is a art and this art has its own masters. The links above are part from my own selection of some of the best constructions which use correct coding and original design.

A starting point is needed if you want to begin the construction of a site. The links above are some of my favorites for searching and finding necessary stuff and clear examples.

For those which don’t have any inspiration, some great galleries exhibit many different designs. The links above are pointing toward some of them I often look to see what anybody can do with good codes

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During the year 1998, when I built the first version of the Gang Free Fellowship web site, I created personal introduction pages for some members, as André-François Ruaud, well-known captain of a Yellow Submarine which never been sing by four boys in the wind nor assembled by any English arsenal.

When he discovered the weblog system and began his own, he asked me for a true personal web site, and not only two single poor pages, mainly for archiving his past texts, which now compose a manner of literary and artistic diary. The fully first version was launched in September 2002 and the second one was on line since June 2004.



Version 2
Version 2.2.3 | March 25, 2007
The structure of the page devoted to Yellow Submarine was completely re-examined to be perfectly valid according to current recommendations: XHTML 1.0 transitional and UTF-8.
  • Correction to validate the Yellow Submarine page
Version 2.2.2 | September 17, 2006
If the phoenix can be born again from its ashes, the submarine can arise from the floods. During a small Sunday pause, I polished the old periscope in order it can reappear decently.
  • Correction of the Yellow Submarine page
  • Change of the encoding
  • Correction of some styles
Version 2.2.1 | April 15, 2006
Several important publications were added to the site of the captain, definitely very active in this moment, but for architecture, although some corrections were made (in particular a coarse error of heading); it’s obvious that its static nature doesn’t allow as much flexibility as a dynamic structure. As I start now to get some experiences in this field, I don’t think that the future of this site will stay turned a long time towards this type of design.
Version 2.2 | December 22, 2004
Later than I wanted to do, I finally made the update of the Carnets de bord... The important addition is the adaptation of a whole book written by André-François Ruaud about the Star Trek Next Generation television series: with a specific introduction to the online version, five pages are introducing the story, the characters and other materials and all these pages are totally built with a particular slight style.
  • Star Trek Next Generation television series devoted pages
Version 2.1 | September 17, 2004
No serious adjustments this time with the Carnets. Construction changes concern minor bugs, addition of a page or correction of pictures.
  • Addition of a legal page according to the new French law
  • Optimization of some pictures
Version 2.0 | June 12, 2004
If you found cascading menus are boring, you’ll understand why I finally decided to build a new pattern for the blog archives and bibliographical pages of my friend André-François Ruaud. So, I reorganized archives system, tried to correctly use cascading style sheets, simplified menu, boosted pictures, suppressed huge files, etc. Sadly, even if I’m satisfied of the result of these pages, I must confess they don’t rejoin to one of the challenge I decide to face up to: to be valid with the terrible W3C validator! But this second version seems to run as we want, at last. Moreover, the page devoted to the introduction of Yellow Submarine is now online. This tiny site, gets now its own and distinct yellow-based visual atmosphere with an original front illustration.
Version 1
Version 1.0 | December 8, 2003
Because my schedule is not actually empty, I didn’t have a lot of time to update the web site I began to create for one of my friend, André-François Ruaud. However, during some free evenings, I took opened my computer and built his diary archives, adding chapters and completed few articles or short stories entries. Now, I’m ready to let visitors discover these Notes de bord virtuelles du capitaine André-François Ruaud.